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SIPG is an insurance marketing organization broker and underwriter of specialized insurance products. We are designed to deliver our products as a hub for financial and insurance professionals to learn about, develop, and distribute insurance-based products.

Our team

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Chris Gilbert, CIC
Head of Specialty Insurance

Provides insurance solutions covering specialty risk exposures.

Carlos Llovet
Finance Director

Carlos comes to Specialty Insurance Partners Group with twenty-five years finance and accounting experience.

Petra Faranova
Underwriting Operations Manager

Develops and implements the compliance function as well as  coordinating with underwriting and placing operations.

Kenneth Quiat
Associate Partner

Reviews portfolio risk for high net worth individuals and financial institutions. Leads our lender financial products desk.

Shannon DeHuff
Executive Assistant / New Business Support Specialist

Advisor support for our new online resource platforms.

Bill Schmidt
Senior Insurance Specialist

Bill started his own company as a College Planning Professional and is uniquely qualified to guide people through the college financial aid process.

Mark VanVoorhees, CFP®
Sales Director Life, Health & Annuities

Provides support to advisors in development of estate planning, succession planning and implementing tax efficient strategies to preserve wealth and deliver related products and services.

Traci Reissig
Account Manager

Works in our finance department managing accounts.  She has 10+ yrs experience in sales and customer service.

Jeremy Whitmore, CFP®
Planning Case Development Technician

Has more than 10 years experience providing financial & accident risk transfer solutions.

Isaac Zimmer
Divisional Director Group Benefits
"The team went above and beyond to ensure injured league members were cared for and saved us 30% in the process while assisting to implement a risk management plan."

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