Life, Health, & Annuities Programs

A digitally supported insurance marketing proposition that allows you to manage and develop your account easily for both large and small accounts.

Smart Solutions


We help businesses find and develop new clientele, as well as assist in taking your existing clients’ planning to the next level. Our team of experts will work with you one-on-one through technology-based meetings to create custom solutions that will help your business reach its maximum potential.

Client Relationship Management

A market compliant document and correspondence gathering system that automates from the life cycle of initiating the application through to issuance of the contract. Sales team support is there at every step to keep you informed at key points in the sales process.


We offer support in selecting and developing your case and aligning it with the markets and products available. Our data-driven approach is centered around the client, ensuring that we provide the most comprehensive and tailored coverage available.

Planning Support

Access to risk analysis, portfolio analysis at key points in the sales cycle, and the ability to bring in specialists, whether they be attorneys, tech specialists, transaction specialists, or estate planning guidance.


The ability to have licensure updates completed through in-house online training sessions. Access to updates on new products and current events relating to education and advanced planning.

Quoting Tools

An integrated, technology-based comparative rating and client management system.

Pre-sale Functions

By ensuring compliance with all sales regulations, live tracking product sales and licensing, and providing client onboarding and pre-sale authorization, the pre-sales function helps to protect your interests while maximizing sales opportunities.

Product Quoting

Comparative rating and annuities platforms provide financial professionals with the ability to compare rates, riders, and product features from multiple carriers in a single, centralized location. This streamlines the quotation and client development process, and enables agents to provide their clients with the most comprehensive and accurate information available. In addition, we provide live chat support, which allows agents to ask questions and receive assistance in real-time. This is an invaluable resource for agents who are working to develop new business or service existing clients. By using our product quoting functions, you can save time, eliminate errors, and provide your clients with the highest level of service possible.

Risk Analysis

Once you’ve narrowed down your desired product and initial application data, we can support that with a risk analysis of their whole portfolio and the impact the annuity has on it to ensure the products are chosen with the client’s best interests.

Sales Illustration

The data capture process in the risk analysis stage will be available to you along with the option of an impact meeting support at your first sale and at key points in the life cycle of the product sold.


Upon review of your application by our sales team, we will send it to the appropriate market for formalization. You will be kept apprised of the status of your case as it progresses.


We help you manage policies, contracts and prospectuses, as well as recurring client notices. Account files are automatically updated in the CRM system, making it easier to manage accounts and store documents for future reference.

Post-sales Services

After you've finalized the contract, it will be automatically saved in our CRM system. This will create a file which the accounts team will use to create an entry for you in our agency management system. This will give you access to new business development data which you can use to support the growth of your account. Additionally, the accounts team will be available to provide you with support, feedback and tracking on re-engagement with accounts that have not yet converted.

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