The Pitbull Conference in Las Vegas, NV

February 7, 2023
An infographic of the SIPG team that's in attendance of the Pitbull Conference

Team Members Ken Quait and Chris Gilbert attended the conference.  Iwas a huge success!! We had the opportunity to meet other Insurance Agencies and providers of various Insurance Services.  We are looking forward as a team to building relationships with these agencies.

Pitbull Conference, 3/2023: Our next conference will be in Key Biscane, FL where we anticipate growing our community with these individuals. We look forward to discussing our product tool box with participants:

  • CapitalRISK Custom property and liability package, automated reporting programs, borrower default, contractor risk.
  • LendPRO Lender due diligence risk, mortgage bankers blanket bond and professional policies for lenders, related service providers such as appraisers, attorneys, property managers, designers and developers.
  • TechGUARD Custom continuous cyber risk, technology liability and business interruption review and insurance program design. AssetSURE Builders risk, rental property, operating risk.
  • WhiteLABEL Find out what direct online data capture and quoting options may do for your bottom line

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